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The Anne at Home Hardware Handbook

Anne at Home is well known for their beautiful pewter cabinet hardware. These lead-free, pewter hardware pieces are filled with intricate details, subtle curves and latent splendor. In addition to the intrinsic appeal of these items, Anne at Home hardware and bathroom accents are available in a wide array of finishes.

If you are looking for an attractive cabinet hardware that will harmonize the many design aspect within one room, Anne at Home hardware is your form of expression. Here are a few of the more popular Anne at Home collections and some suggestions on which room decor they would work well with.

Bamboo is the inverse of the popular Mai Oui collection. Anne at Home Bamboo collection is a fun and whimsical design of bamboo shoots and leaves made from elegant materials and finishes to create a lovely synthesis of the two worlds.

Hammerhein- The Anne at Home Hammerhein collection whispers prehistoric, rustic, old age, antique, all at the same time. Many of these pieces combine frosted glass with the antique metal finishes for a unique blend. The slightly weathered or distressed look of this collection makes it just the right match for an old world or earth tone home. With the right combination of surroundings, Hammerhein could well be incorporated into an avant-garde grunge theme, as well.

Hammersmith- The attractive anvil-like dimples create light variation, not to mention individuality and charm. Hammersmith from Anne at Home is enjoyed for its ability to work with a rustic design as easily as it will with an ultra modern room decor.

Indian These Anne at Home knobs and pulls are designed in the shape of Indian chief head in full traditional head gear, Indian nickel has LIBERTY raised on the surface, making a political as well as a design statement.

Mai Oui- True to its French name, this Anne at Home hardware collection is all scrolls, curly-q's and crowns, making this an ornate and regal collection with a touch of whimsy to complete the look. This elegant set can compliment a Victorian bathroom, Old World kitchen or the like.

Nautilus- This Anne at Home knob collection can be the cherry on top of your bathroom or bedroom nautical theme. Varying in color and size, an Anne at Home knob from Nautilus is a splash of the seaside.

Oak- Despite its name, this is an exclusively pewter-made Anne at Home collection. In keeping with its title, though, these Anne at Home knobs and pulls are decorated with the beautiful oak leaf. Many knobs are formed in the actual shape of an oak leaf, as well, giving the theme possibilities more flexibility. Decorate any room from country rustic to Tuscan light with this Anne at Home hardware.

Oceanus has a substantial presence of material and is designed with detailed rosettes, clamshells and curling lips throughout.

Pompeii- Anne at Home Pompeii hardware is a collection reminiscent of the ancient runes. Pieces are decorated with sunflowers and leaves, and the weathered finishes scream primeval. An eclectic ethnic theme would do well for this collection, as would a cool modern or warm African theme.

Sonnet- True to its name, curved, swirled or straight up, "lines" is the theme for this collection. These hardware items will add elegance to a room, and will work well with several themes including Italian and Asian room themes.

These are just a few of the many ways that Anne at Home can beautify your home. Browse the many collections and choose the Anne at Home hardware that is right for you.

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