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The Secret of Great Hardware - Pewter

When selecting hardware for the kitchen, bathroom and other areas of the home, it's often a challenge to know where to start. There are so many hardware types on the market today, and so many great finishes. One fantastic choice that requires very little care and maintains its beauty through the years is pewter.

Pewter is a tin based alloy that has been enjoyed for centuries. The modern pewter used in hardware products is composed of mostly tin with small amounts of both copper and antimony. It does not contain any lead and is not, in any way, dangerous to have in the home. Pewter is actually considered the fourth most valuable metal after platinum, gold and silver.

Pewter is a terrific choice for hardware due to its durable nature and easy cleaning processes. Pewter hardware can last for generations of use if the right pewter care is taken. One great benefit of pewter pulls and pewter knobs is that they will actually look better with more handling! This is certainly a rare feature for cabinet hardware, as most finishes need polishing and need to be handled with care. Pewter hardware, in contrast, actually benefits from handling and develops a warm patina with more use. In addition, while silver hardware and copper hardware must be polished periodically, pewter does not tarnish. This allows the busy homeowner to enjoy the same shiny pewter knob or pewter pull over an extended period of time with virtually no maintenance.

It is important to understand proper pewter care, when investing in pewter hardware. There are a number of ways to wash pewter to ensure its great condition for years of use. Many companies have pewter cleaners and polishes. You may decide to forgo these more expensive options and create your own cleaning system for pewter care in the house. Use warm soapy water on the pewter pulls and other hardware periodically; rinse each pewter hardware piece and towel dry with a soft cloth.

Few hardware finishes maintain their natural beauty as well as pewter. With the right pewter care, homeowners should be able to enjoy their pewter hardware for years of dependable use.

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