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How to Successfully Incorporate Pewter Design In the Kitchen

Redesigning a kitchen takes a lot of thought and planning. First, of course, you have to decide what your goal is and envision how the kitchen will look with your new ideas in place. One great place to start with your vision is with pewter design ideas. For centuries, people have appreciated the amazing qualities of pewter and have incorporated it into their home decor.

Pewter is actually considered the fourth most valuable metal, and it is a fantastic choice for the kitchen design. It is incredibly durable and easy to clean, making it a great option in a high-traffic location with food preparation. Most pewter products today are composed of mostly tin with small traces of copper and antimony. Pewter design products, including pewter hardware, do not have any lead in them and they are not, in any way, dangerous to have in the home.

Another amazing thing about pewter design that makes it perfect for this space is that it actually looks better with more handing! The more the pewter cabinet hardware and other items are handled, the more it develops a warm patina and an even more striking look. Understanding all of these benefits of pewter, homeowners can easily enjoy pewter design in the kitchen space. Here are five quick ways to use pewter design in the kitchen, and to get more from the kitchen decor.

  1. Pewter Hardware: Certainly, the most obvious way to use pewter design in the kitchen is through the hardware. Anne at Home hardware, in particular, features a vast array of pewter hardware choices, from modern and fun pewter knobs to dramatic antique pewter hardware. These pewter cabinet hardware products will look better after being handled than they did when you bought them - making them truly unique in the hardware world! In addition, unlike other hardware choices, they will need virtually no maintenance and they don't require polishing to maintain their beauty.
  2. Pewter Vases: Enjoy the beauty of pewter by placing a few pewter vases in the kitchen, and adding additional pewter vases throughout the house. With their bold silver look, these vases will add a dramatic appearance to the kitchen space and an inviting decor choice.
  3. Pewter Mirrors: Another great way to add pewter design in the kitchen is with a pewter mirror. Place a pewter mirror in the breakfast nook, or add one over the stove. This will enlarge the perceived size of the kitchen and make it look more open and inviting.
  4. Pewter Accents in the Tiles: There are a number of companies that create breathtaking kitchen tiles with pewter accents. This incredible pewter design will be the focal point of any kitchen renovation. These tiles won't need much cleaning and will endure the stains and spills inherent in kitchen use with beauty.
  5. Pewter Kitchen Accessories: One final idea for pewter design is to have fun with pewter kitchen accessories. There is a wealth of pewter items that will compliment and highlight the pewter accent choices in the kitchen. Enjoy pewter salt and pepper shakers; place a large pewter bowl on the kitchen table and fill it with delicious fruits; display pewter platters on open kitchen shelves; shop for small pewter knick-knacks to place on a ledge or a counter.

Pewter design is one great way to spruce up a kitchen space without spending a great deal of time or money to do so. It will create a dramatic look in the kitchen and will last for years of beautiful, durable and maintenance-free use. What more could you ask for from your kitchen decor?

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