Novelty Knobs

Novelty Knobs add fun to your kitchen. Even adding a single novelty knobs to a kitchen of fifty or more knobs can change the energy of the entire kitchen. We recently saw this at a beach house, where the owners added one single starfish knob to their kitchen. All of the other knobs and pulls were elegant, and this one starfish gave a more casual, beachfront feel to the entire kitchen.

Our favorite novelty knob of all time is a cow with a working bell made by Anne at Home. The added touch of the working bell is what put this one over the top. Animal knobs such as these work great in combination. I probably wouldn't put a whole herd of cows in my kitchen (though don't let me stop you), but I have put quite a few animal knobs in the kitchen at different times and they not only highlight each other, they make great conversation pieces.

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