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Without cabinet pulls, you’d find it a lot more difficult to utilize your kitchen and bathroom cabinets properly. You may also find that without them, your kitchen or bath lacks the finished, polished appearance you’re after.

Cabinet pulls are an integral part of any kitchen design, and many bathroom designs as well. In areas with a lot of cabinets, the right pulls help to complement the rest of the space, picking up and amplifying an accent in the space. The right pulls also make it easier to use the cabinets. For example, cup pulls and tall, deep pulls may be easier to use for people with arthritis or for families with small children.

<h2><br><strong>Choosing Your Cabinet and Drawer Pulls</strong><br><br></h2>

Cabinet pulls come in a wide selection of different sizes, styles, finishes, and designs. When beginning the selection process, first focus on the size of the pull. If you are retrofitting your cabinets, be sure to measure the existing pulls from center point to center point to ensure you are getting new pulls of the same size.

If you are installing new pulls, consider the size of the cabinets and drawers you are outfitting. Appliances with cabinet door overlays will require larger pulls or appliance pulls to ensure that they can open the heavier doors. Drawer stacks in bathrooms may require smaller pulls to avoid overwhelming the space, and the size of the user’s hands should be taken into consideration as well.

Once you’ve narrowed your selections by size, start to look at style and finish. Find something in the kitchen that you want to amplify, from the clean lines of the cabinets in a modern kitchen, to some ornate accents in a Country kitchen. Look for pulls that match these designs to create the type of cohesive design that helps bring the entire space together.

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